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Tiffin Service

Every Tuesday from our kitchen to your home

A committed feature since 7 years from Bombay Palace Downtown Toronto serving Ethnic Indian food since 42 years.

Ghar Ka Khana | Maa Jaisa Khana

  • Our Tiffin Meals are prepared very simply
  • Less to little oil
  • NO frills
  • Plain, simple
  • Just as is eaten at home
  • Pickup Or Delivery

Our Patrons Have Said

Great customer service
Love the flexible options
Tried many, you guys are amazing
Professional-crisp-easy to work
Excellent Value for Money
Food was simple and perfect
They certainly "Walk their Talk"
Convenient , Comfortable , Wholesome
Home Style Food
Home Style Food

Our food preparation is simple, home style with fresh, healthy & nutritious ingredients. We use vegetable oil.

We Deliver

Delivery is between 06:00pm - 10:30pm subject to weather/traffic/route mapping.
Toronto/GTA.Delivery charges as applicable

Monthly Package
Monthly Package

A month comprises of any 4 weeks for us- You may start on ANY Tuesday - Take a break in-between if you wish & we will pro rate it.

North Indian
North Indian style

Our style of preparation is North Indian primarily (Punjabi Style)

Halal Meat

All our meat is Halal certified. We serve Chicken (boneless).Or Goat Curry (on the bone)

Weekly vs Monthly package
  • Before deciding on a Monthly package (Best value for your Money) we recommend, please try the Half Package ( Veg or Non Veg).
  • We do NOT want you to spend more $$ on another package ( A or B) unless you are absolutely convinced we are your right choice !!

  • It will take you thru (perhaps) 3 days but it will help you understand and judge the following:
  • Quality and Quantity of food.
  • How best it meets your dietary requirement.
  • Whether the next level (package) A or B will meet your requirement as they are more in quantity.
  • Resources viz Storage space available at your end.
  • Your own consumption pattern, individually or if shared.
  • Our standards and your expectations.

  • Please remember , Our MENU CHANGES every week.
    We are committed to work for you and with you within acceptable means.

    Our Packages

    Prices with Effect from April, 2021
    Click Here
    All new subscribers get a first time 10% discount on any package (food only) as a 'Try us to Know Us' incentive except for Meat Lover Packages


    Advantages of a MONTHLY package

    • Better value for money.
    • Better pricing.
    • MORE Saving( Pls see the pdf).
    • You can start on ANY Tuesday.
    • Special offers are mostly on monthly packages.
    • Better cost (for you) if shared between consumers.
    • A (Tiffin) month is for 4 weeks , but you may take breaks - pause and stretch this for 8 weeks tops to suit your requirements.
    • You may make modifications every week as per your discretion.

    Why our Tiffin model is unique?

    • Currently we offer Tiffin service Once a week - Every Tuesday.
    • Please picture this --> Under normal conditions, ordinarily, most of us would cook food on the weekend for the start of the new week to put us thru few or most days of the (new) work week(depending on our lifestyle).
    • We have an established kitchen , professional team.
    • We are SAVING you precious time to decide :
    • What to Cook - Travel time to Purchase - Wait at the cashier line ups - Return home - Clean , Cut/chop/ Spend that time to cook - label - store the food.
    • Pls EQUATE - Quantify and JUDGE how much you (MAY) have you saved (or spent) doing the above Vs benefitting from our service.
    • WE LISTEN and CARE and always welcome your workable, doable + reasonable suggestions within best possible means !

    Build your own unique package

    Permissible Modifications

    You may make the following modifications to your package at no extra cost

    • Steam Rice instead of Pulao Rice.
    • Chappatis instead of Rice.
    • Ratio of 4 chappatis for 1 rice container or vice versa.
    • Masala goat curry instead of the featured chicken dish.
    • 2 pickles or 2 chutneys ( default is 1 of each).
    • Adjust the quantity of the featured ( veg) dishes) as per your package subscribed .
    • For example if your package allows you 8 veg curries , you can order all 8 of the same kind.
    • Change this every week as per the menu. Replace (from the featured) menu with what ( dish) you like.
    • You can order extra containers ( Veg or Non veg) at a (reasonable) cost associated, however you cannot replace a veg curry with a non veg curry or replace a dessert or pickle /chutney for another curry.
    • Salad instead of Dessert.

    You may replace any Veg curry that you do not like with a veg curry you prefer from the featured menu (only)

    Round container for Curries

    Capacity - 12 oz
    Depth - 2 inches (approx)
    Width -4.5 inches( approx)

    Rectangular container ( Rice)

    Length - 8.5 inches (approx)
    Depth- 1.75 inches (approx)
    Width - 4.5 inches (approx)

    Why Choose us?

    • Professional
    • Courteous
    • Economical
    • Committed
    • Focussed
    • Homely Food - Healthy and Wholesome
    • Easy to work - Quick response time
    • Diversified/Flexible Meal Options
    • Homely Taste And Quality
    • Just as is eaten at home
    • No Repetitive Dishes for that month
    • Halal
    • Fresh Food
    • Fast Delivery
    • Customized options
    • Exciting Add-ons

    In conclusion

    • We are honest and professional in our approach (and human).
    • We are committed to your service and to your benefit also and we endeavor to control costs and transfer that benefit to YOU - Our patrons.
    • We understand we CANNOT be everything to everyone but we DO WORK VERY hard to be your only choice!
    • We have dedicated that 1 day of the week JUST for that home style, simple cooking you are used to or crave for.
    • We agree - MUM is the BEST, but mom is not here ( Chef Sanjiv is ( ❤mom ❤) here ) - under the circumstances!!

    Steps to your Tiffin order – Guidelines for First-Time consumers

    • 1-Review and select the package best suited to you. Website–Under heading–Packages see PDF
    • 2-Ready to order? Fill the form on our website (www.bptiffin.com)
    • 3-Review the featured Menu. Review permissible modifications.
    • 4-In the Message window /section please mention (any) substitutions.
    • 5-Submit your Tiffin enquiry form. Please FILL all fields accordingly.
    • 6-Tiffin admin typically replies by the weekend.
    • 7-Upon acknowledgement you will get instructions for payment and other details.
    • 8-Upon receipt of payment your order ( Pick up or delivery ) is confirmed.
    • 9-Pick up time–5:30-8:30 pm from the Restaurant (Bombay Palace, 71 Jarvis Street, Toronto).
    • 10-Please expect an email on Tuesday between 5 pm–5:30 pm advising delivery driver details.
    • 11-Delivery day/time–6:30pm–10:30 pm. Always on a Tuesday evening (Few exceptions).
    • 12-Need to contact Tiffin admin? Please email:bptiffin@gmail.com.
    • 13-Typical response time to any e-mail enquiry is within 24 hrs.
    • Orders must be submitted latest by Sunday 5 pm
      Late order may NOT be confirmed
    • Delivery between 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm. Cannot Customize Delivery time. Conditions apply
    • Pick up -Tuesday between 5.30 pm and 8.30 pm
    • New customers please place order via this form-->-->
    • Repeat/Registered customers please email - bptiffin@gmail.com
    • If due to technical reasons the form does not upload please send details regarding order/query to - bptiffin@gmail.com

    Ready to Order?

    Have a question that is not covered on our site? Please use the supplied contact form to get in touch or Place your tiffin order.

    New Tiffin Customers - Please Complete & Submit this Form

    Tiffin admin typically replies by the weekend

    Processing your (next) Tiffin order

    • Once Order is received with all Information, we send an acknowledgement / confirmation
    • Tiffin Package is prepared, ready for Pick up or Delivery.
    • Pick up is between 530 – 830pm from the restaurant (Bombay Palace|71 Jarvis street|Toronto)
    • Requested for Delivery? E-mail message is sent between 5pm-530 pm advising delivery driver details
    • Delivery is between 630pm – 1030 pm (Tuesday or Wednesday)
    • Driver calls before or upon reaching to hand over your package
    • Thereafter via E-mail a reminder is sent every week ( Friday/Saturday for checking your next order)